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Groceries in Kealakekua

For dinner ideas and excellent customer service, stop by Oshima Bros Inc. Come in and walk out with dinner in hand and a smile on your face!

Customized product selection

Kona is unique and so are its residents, right down to the kinds of foods we like. At Oshima Bros Inc., the products we carry are dictated by our customers' tastes. If it's been awhile since you stopped into a neighborhood grocery store, let's get reacquainted. See you soon in Kona!

Great beers

There's something about Kona's climate that makes a cold beer taste incredibly good. At Oshima Bros Inc., our selection of beer is one of the "best of the West." From locally made craft brews to international favorites, we have them all. By the six pack or the case, come on in to Oshima Bros Inc. and find a hot deal on a cold one! 
Grocery store has the freshest produce in Kealakekua, HI
Grocery store has the best packaged eatables in Kealakekua, HI
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